Your Guide to Buying an Undersink Water Filters Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy an under-sink water filter?

There was a time when you could drink water directly from the tap. In the recent years, however, under-sink water filters are becoming a kitchen essential to ensure safe water for drinking and cooking. To keep your mind at peace, you should choose the best under-sink water filter.


Important Features

What should you consider before buying an under-sink water filter?

There are different types of under-sink water filters available on various e-commerce sites. After going through thousands of under-sink water filter reviews on-line, we have listed some points which will help you pick the right one.

  • Know the contaminants present in the water: Carefully consider the known contaminants present in your tap water, including chlorine, VOCs (=Volatile Organic Compounds), bacteria, fluorides, metals, and pesticides. Look for a filter that covers all that and more.

  • Check for filters that give soft water: Your water filter should ideally deliver soft water that is odorless and pleasant to taste. Read on-line reviews to get an idea about the performance of the filter in these parameters.

  • Opt for a multi-stage filter: Look for a multi-stage under-sink water filter that includes three different cartridges for a step-by-step contaminant removal. Also, choose a filter that uses filter cartridges that do not have to be replaced frequently. For example, requiring replacing the filters only twice a year can save you a lot in replacement costs.

  • Check the water output rate: Look for a filter with a high water output rate. This makes water storage quick and efficient.

  • Go for easy-to-use models: Look for models that are easy to install and are low on maintenance. In the long run, easy, do-it-yourself maintenance wins the day.

  • Check the tap requirements: You may need a separate tap or a three-way outlet for the water from your filter. Some models include the additional tap, while for others you have to purchase a separate tap. in-line water filters, on the other hand, can be connected to your main water line. Go for a model that meets your requirements.

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