Your Guide to Buying an Travel Systems Eric Hewitt

Why should you purchase a travel system?

Be it jogging, strolling around a park, or out on a weekend getaway, ensuring your little one’s safety and comfort is quite important. A travel system is a great convenience: it consists of a car seat or buggy seat that attaches and detaches from a stroller. But with so many types of travel systems flooding the market, you might be confused. So, after going through thousands of travel system reviews on the Internet, we offer you a guide to help you in choosing the best travel system.

Important Features

What to consider while buying a travel system?

Travel systems are designed to provide comfort to the baby when you are out in the sun or on a drive in your car. Before focusing on a particular travel system, consider the following factors:

  • Check the features: Choose a travel system that comes as a whole package, including a buggy seat, a stroller, and a car seat. Even though you may be looking for an economical option, there may not be any alternative from buying the more expensive items.

  • Look for comfort: Look for the comfort that the system offers the baby. Both as a stroller and a car seat, the child should feel comfortable when sitting in it.

  • Check the weight: Opt for a seat that weighs less, so that you can handle it with ease. When you travel alone with your baby, moving around with the travel system should not be a Herculean task.

  • Opt for the one with a recliner: Buy a travel system with a recliner. Children need to be put in a reclined position every now and then, especially if they are young infants.

  • Ensure safety: Consider safety as a prime deciding factor. When trying out the product, look for safe and easy-to-handle latches. Also, a stroller must have a five-point harness, to properly secure your child.

  • Make travel enjoyable: Look for features like an adjustable footrest, a storage basket, and a handlebar for you to carry the baby conveniently.

Take time to choose the right travel system for you. Once you buy the right one, you can comfortably go with your little one on frequent journeys!

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