Toddler Bed Rails Buying Guide

Important Features

Why should you buy Toddler Bed Rail?

It is already obvious why you need to have a toddler bed with rails. But just for clarification, here are the reasons for getting a bed rail for your kid.

They are safe

You won’t have to worry about the child rolling over at night. This means that there will be less injury to the child due to possible falling off the bed. The child won’t fall off the bed in the first place.

They make an easy transition

When your child is growing up, they will need to move from the crib to a bigger bed. The bigger bed, in this case, will not include rails like the crib. But the problem will be with the child because they are used to the crib with rails.

In the crib, the child will roll around with ease without falling off. But it’s not the same with a normal bed. When you install the bed rail to the bigger bed, the child will gradually get used to it and learn how to sleep without rolling.

You will get enough sleep

When your child is sleeping peacefully, you will also get enough sleep. However, if she wakes up with cries, you will be forced to wake up and attend to her. Assuming the bed doesn’t have rails, the child will be at a higher risk of falling off the bed and getting injured. Here, they will start crying, which will automatically interrupt your sleep.

However, the bed rail will assure you of a good night’s sleep without any unnecessary interruption.

What are the types of Toddler Bed Rails?

Normally, toddler bed rails will come in different types, and here are some of them:

Fixed Bed Rails

This is a static panel that is installed under the mattress with some space for the toddler to leave the bed without having to remove the rail. It is a simpler and cheaper option than other rails. The fixed bed rails are more suitable for older and independent kids.

Adjustable and Convertible Bed Rails

Adjustable rails are lighter and can be shortened or lengthened to fit the mattress size. On the other hand, convertible rails are perfect for replacing one side of the crib. Convertible bed rails cannot be adjusted, but they can easily be removed when needed.

Fold-down bed rails

These rails can be locked into place at night to offer a solid barrier, but they can also be unlocked and swung away during the day if you need to make the bed.

Large Size Bed Rails

When you want the kid to transition in your bed, this should be the right rail to pick. This rail is designed to be used in an adult’s bed. You can install it on one side of the bed, where the child is sleeping, as you sleep on the other side. They can also be used if you are transitioning the child to a large bed directly.

Foam, Inflatable and Portable Bed Bumpers

This type of rail is a large bolster pillow that will perfectly fit alongside the mattress to offer a soft barrier. They are easy to install, and they normally go under the sheet.

What should you consider when buying Bed Rails for your Toddler?

When looking for a bed rail for your toddler, look for things like:

The size

This will depend on the size of your bed and mattress or the type that you prefer to go for.

The base of your bed

Bed rails are mostly designed to be attached to the bed. Therefore, ensure that you check the base of your bed and if the bed rail will fit appropriately. The base of the bed can box spring, slats, or wire coil.


Bed rails come in different materials including wood, netting, mesh, foam, or even plastic. Whichever you choose, ensure that it is durable and that it doesn’t have any sharp edges or toxic content.

Pros and Cons of Toddler Bed Rails


  • They offer safety to the child
  • They help you sleep peacefully
  • They help the child to transition
  • Some can be adjusted to fit the bed
  • They can be installed on any bed


  • Some strong material can injure the child
  • Some might be too weak to hold the kid from falling


A toddler bed rail is the best option to prevent your child from falling off the bed and possibly getting injured. You need to be extra careful when buying one. Consider all the necessary factors before buying. Don’t forget to buy a durable and comfortable bed rail for your kid.

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