Your Guide to Buying an Thickness Planers Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy a thickness planer

Are you fond of carpentry? Is carpentry a part of your profession? Then one of the most important tools you would need is a thickness planer. This is a tool that carpenters use to flatten out rough, uneven wooden planks. This tool works by leveling out the wood's surface, shaving off the top-most surface of the wooden plank. After going through thousands of thickness planer reviews, we are listing several aspects you should consider before choosing the best thickness planer for your needs.


Important Features

What should you consider before buying thickness planer?

The perfect thickness planer is one which will place the cutter in close contact with the wood, thereby giving a consistent, level surface. There are quite a few variations and types of thickness planers available on the market. The best thickness planers are those that will make your carpentry jobs easier. Space, the frequency of use, and portability are among the essential aspects to consider. Here is a list of the most important considerations:

  • Consider the type of motor: Thickness planers are typically available in two types of motors – the electric induction motors, and the electric universal motors. The induction motors are more sturdy and durable, but they tend to be heavier as well. This tends to reduce their portability. For this reason, induction motors are preferred for static installations in workshops or industries. Universal motors, being lightweight, are more suitable for hand-held planers.

  • Choose the appropriate thickness capacity: This feature determines the maximum thickness that can be accommodated by the planer. While hand planers are adequate for smaller projects that involve thinner pieces of wood, industrial planers may be required for more complex applications.

  • Select the right blade speed: While some planers come with adjustable speeds, there are others that have only one speed level.

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