Your Guide to Buying an Tactical Rifle Scopes Eric Hewitt

Most firearm enthusiasts choose a tactical scope or an optical sighting device to aim and shoot better. Rifle scopes magnify the object to make the target seem closer, which helps the shooter get a precise shot. But to know if the scopes are recoil-proof, or if the range will span out enough to get a clear shot, you need to buy the best tactical rifle scope. We have included some practical information about tactical rifle scopes, to enable you to choose the one that suits you best.

Types of Tactical Rifle Scopes

  • In a fixed scope, the user cannot change the magnification specifications. But such scopes are less expensive and are recommended for certain firearms.

  • For a cleaner shot, variable magnification scopes are most appropriate. They make it easy to spot the target. A variable rifle scope also allows for a more precise shot.

  • Night vision scopes combine the features of both fixed and variable scopes. These are more expensive than the other two types of scopes, but they are also bulkier and heavier. But they are best at night or in low light conditions.

What Reviewers Say

After going through thousands of tactical rifle scope reviews, we concluded that there are a few things that users look for in tactical rifle scopes:

  • Expense: Once you have a proper idea of your requirements in a scope, you need to find one that meets your budget. A scope may be very expensive, but that does not guarantee better light transmission and superior adjustments. A budget of $200-$300 will give users a lot of options in terms of magnification, reticle illumination, and parallax adjustments.

  • Do research about the different brands: Whether you are an Internet buff or an in-store shopper, you need to understand all the terminologies related to tactical rifle scopes before making an informed decision. Always try to find out about the manufacturer’s reputation before deciding on the final product. You might have to pay a little more for a trusted name and a warranty, but the extra penny will save you a lot of trouble in future.

  • Set priorities: The market is full of sophisticated equipment with advanced features. As a user, you need to prioritize on important things, such as the type of reticle used or the magnification range, if you want to get the best product in the market for your needs. Professional shooters feel that it is best to go for a rugged design with good resolution, reliable adjustments, and proper light transmission.

Important Features

  • Think about your requirements: Tactical scopes differ in price and design. To settle on a particular model, you should ask questions like whether it will be used professionally, or just for recreational purposes. Think about the maximum range and the time of day that you go shooting, such as whether you will be shooting at dawn, dusk or in low light. The length, weight, and caliber of the rifle will also help you to determine the type of scope needed.

  • Check the scope's type of magnification and lens size: A fixed-power scope is less expensive, more durable, and is known to be both fog- and waterproof. However, they are less flexible, which makes them difficult to carry. With a variable-power scope, you can adjust the FOV (= Field Of View) to get a better view of the image. Scopes with a large objective lens are more likely to reflect light and thus disclose your location. Also, a larger objective lens needs to be mounted higher on the bore.

  • Think about the reticle: The reticle in a tactical scope should have a precise, easy-to-define aiming point, so that the shooter can get a good view even in low light conditions and shadows. The reticle must have an accurate rangefinder. An illuminated reticle is the best type, since it does not interfere with the FOV in low-light conditions.

Top-Rated Brands

Leupold: For over 100 years, Leupold has been manufacturing some of the best optical lenses in the world. Known for their precision, transmission of low-light wavelengths, and high-quality optical performance, Leupold is a household name for shooters and hunters who look for tactical rifle scopes. From simple hunting scopes to extremely powerful scopes used in the military, Leupold has been manufacturing products with diverse designs equipped with sophisticated technology.

Bushnell: Bushnell has been manufacturing rifle scopes for almost 65 years. They have been known for their reliable and affordable hunting scopes.

Burris: Burris is known to produce rifle scopes which are used by amateurs and professionals alike. The best thing about their lenses is that they have larger diameters than the competitors.

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