Your Guide to Buying an Receivers Eric Hewitt

Why should you purchase an AV receiver?

If your AV receiver is a little outdated, or if you recently upgraded to a new TV or HD Blu-ray player, and your old AV receiver is not compatible, it's worthwhile looking into buying a new one. So you have to consider the various features that are important in an AV receiver. Receivers today come with several advanced features and technology. While that can be great, it can make your decision to choose the best receiver quite an overwhelming experience. To make it easier for you, after going through thousands of receiver reviews, we have created a quick checklist of the features you must consider when buying a receiver.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying a receiver?

There are various types of receivers in the market. However, getting a good receiver for your home is not just about buying the most expensive one. You also have to find something that is appropriate for your home and your needs. Here is some information to help you:

  • Check the specifications that are important to you: Modern AV speakers are often loaded with several advanced features. The question here is: how many of these features do you really intend to use? The power or the watts of the speakers should not always be the deciding factor for you. The quality of sound is much more important--and that is not directly proportional to the watts. Check for the basic features, such as radio, and how good the receiver is at catching the signals of the various available channels.

  • Choose the right DAC: The DAC (digital-to-analog converter) will really determine the signal strength of the AV receiver and how clearly it can play the various channels. Simply put, the better the DAC, the better will be the sound quality.

  • Check for additional features: Features such as Bluetooth compatibility, an iPod charging dock, etc. are additional features that have become relatively important because of the fact that we all own smart devices. If you want to use your smart devices with your AV receiver, consider these features as well. 

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