Your Guide to Buying an Eyelash Extension Glues Eric Hewitt

How should you choose an eyelash extension glue?

For all the budding makeup artists, you may have a tough time finding the best eyelash extension glue to use when attaching eyelash extensions on your clients. Here is a short guide to give you an idea on how to choose a glue with ease and work like a professional.


Important Features

What should you consider when buying an eyelash extension glue?

  • Quality: Since eyes are highly sensitive parts of the body, the first and foremost criteria to look for is if the glue will be gentle on the eyes. Low-fume glues are the best eyelash extension glues for sensitive eyes and will give the best results without irritating the eyes, both when applying the glue as well as afterward.

  • Drying time: Note the drying time of the glue. A quick drying time means more convenience—it will allow you to finish the job quickly and easily without much ado. Otherwise, the glue that drips might prove to be a huge inconvenience.

  • Longevity: The bonding life of the adhesive used in the glue determines how long the eyelash extension stays in place. Hence, a product that has a longevity of 2-5 weeks is a good choice. Choose the type of eyelash extension glue that lasts for as long as 2-5 weeks. But this will differ vastly based on other considerations—thus it is advisable to choose among the several types of eyelash extension glues available on the market.

  • Low viscosity: Opt for an eyelash extension glue that has a low viscosity, so as to avoid clumping. This will allow you to apply it nicely and easily--it is not easy a handle a very sticky liquid.

  • Eyelash primer: Last but not the least, it is a good practice to apply an eyelash primer before using the glue. This will ensure a smooth application, and provide better longevity for the eyelash extension.

  • Drying tips: If the product you buy does not dry quickly, you can use a small fan to circulate the air, so as to get the glue to dry more quickly. That way, the lashes will adhere properly in no time.

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