10 Best Electric Fireplace Fans of October 2021

  1. Product Highlights
    • Fits heatilator: ndv4236il, ndv4842, ndv4842i, ndv4842l, ndv4842il, nevo3630i, nevo4236i, nnxt3933i, nnxt3933il, nnxt4236i, nnxt4236il, novi30, novi30l, novi35, novi35l, olympus, sc60, sl-350trs-ipi, sl-550be, sl-550be-ipi, sl-550trs-e, sl-550trs-ipi-e, sl-750trs-e, sl-750trs-ipi-e, titan
    • Fits napoleon: b36dfn, b36dfp, bgd33, bgd33nr, bgd33pr, bgd34, bgd34-1nt, bgd34-1pt, bgd36, bgd36cf, bgd36cfg, bgd36ntr, bgd36ptr, bgd38, bgd38nt, bgd38pt, bgd40, bgd40-n, bgd40-p, bgd42, bgd42cf, bgd42n, bgd42p, bgd48, bgd48n, bgd48p, bgnv36, bgnv36n, bgnv36p, bgnv42, bgnv42n, bgnv42p, gd33, gd33nr, gd33pr, gd34, gd34-1nt, gd34-1pt, gd36, gd36mn, gd36ntr, gd36ptr, gd45...
    • L12.75" x w3.73" x h3.23" motor type: ball bearing insulation class h (rated to 392°f/200°c) motor rpm: 3000 airflow in c.f.m:110 ratings:120v, 60hz power consumption (watts): 31 3-prong power cord: yes power cord length (inches): 75 rheostat variable speed: yes magnetic thermostat: yes thermostat temperature: activate at 120°f / 50°c, shutoff at 90°f / 32°c material: a...
    • Fits continental:bc36dfn, bc36dfp, bcdv33 series, bcdv33nr, bcdv33pr, bcdv34 series, bcdv34nt, bcdv34pt, bcdv36, bcdv36cfntr, bcdv36cfptr, bcdv36ntr, bcdv36ptr, bcdv40, bcdv42,series, bcdv42n, bcdv42p, bcdv48 series, bcdv48n, bcdv48p, bcnv36 series, bcnv36n, bcnv36p, bcnv42 series, bcnv42n, bcnv42p, cdv33, cdv33nr, cdv33pr, cdv34 series, cdv34nt, cdv34pt, cdv36ntr, cdv3...
    • Cross reference numbers: blower kit, gz550, gz552, hb-rb58, r7-rb58, p58l180, gd36ntr ; universal model numbers: blower kit gz550, gz552, r7-rb58 (electric motor warehouse), hb-rb58 (rotom)
  2. Product Highlights
    • For majestic: lx36dv,mbuc36,mbuc36i,mbuc42,mbuc42i,mldv500,mrc42, nv360,nv580,nvbseries,nvbc42,nvbr36,nvc36,nvc39,nvc43,pfdvdne,pfdvdnv,pfdvdpe,rc36,rc36a,rdv4136,rfs22,rfs32,rfs42,rhe25,rhe32,rhe42,rhedv25,rhedv32,rhedv42,sc36a,sc42a,stdvdne,stdvdnv,stdvdpe,stdvdpv,tl36,tl36i,tl42,tl42i,trc42,uv33,uv33c,uv36rn,uv36rp,uvbc33,uvbc36,uvbc42,uvbc43,uvbcn36,uvbrn36,uvc36,uvc43
    • For vermont castings: 36xdvrfn, 36xdvrfp, 36xdvrn, 36xdvrp, 39bdvr, 39bdvt, 39rdvdsn, 39rdvn, 39tdvdsn, 39tdvn, 39xdven, 39xdvep, 39xdvrn, 39xdvrp, a232, d232, dbr33, dbr36, dbr39, dbt33, dbt36, dbt39, dva4136, lhec20, lhec20, lhec30, lhecdv20, lhecdv20rfn, lhecdv20rn, lhecdv20rp, lhecdv30, lhecdv30rfn, lhecdv30rfp, lhecdv30rn, lhecdv30rp
    • L14.9 x w4.15 x h3.25 motor type: ball bearing insulation class h (rated to 392°f / 200°c) motor rpm: 3000 airflow in c.f.m: 130 ratings: 120v, 60hz power consumption (watts): 35 3-prong power cord: yes power cord length (inches): 75 rheostat variable speed: yes magnetic thermostat: yes thermostat temperature: activate at 120°f / 50°c, shutoff at 90°f / 32°c material: a...
    • For majestic:uvdc36,uvdc42,uvs33rn,uvs33rp,uvs36,uvs36rn,uvs36rp,uvs43,uvsrc36a,uvsrc42a,wm36,wm36a,wm42-sx,wmii-42, wmii42a, wmii42ht, wmr36; fits vermont castings: 33bdvr, 33bdvt, 33rdvdsn, 33rdvn, 33tdvdsn, 33tdvn, 33xdven, 33xdvep, 33xdvrn, 33xdvrp, 36bdvr, 36bdvt, 36cdvzrrn, 36cdvztrn, 36rdvdsn, 36rdvn, 36tdvdsn, 36tdvn, 36xdven, 36xdvep
    • For temco: 33tdvn, 36tdvn, 39tdvn, 41dvn, 41dvp, 41dvdsn, 41dvdsp, 36cdvrrn, 36cdvrrp, 36cdvtrn, 36cdvtrp, 33rdvn, 33rdvp, 36rdvn, 36rdvp, 39rdvn, 39rdvp, 33tdvdsn, 33tdvdsp, 36tdvdsn, 36tdvdsp, 39tdvdsp, 33rdvdsn, 33rdvdsp, 36rdvdsn, 36rdvdsp, 39rdvdsn, 39rdvdsp, 36cdvxrrn, 36cdvxrrp, 36cdvxtrn, 36cdvxtrp, 33tdvn
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