Your Guide to Buying an Dovetail Jigs Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a dovetail jig

Technological advances can also be used to make woodworking easier and more efficient. Dovetail jigs are gadgets which can make woodworking convenient and comfortable. They can be used to make a precise and accurate cut in wood, so that pieces fit perfectly together. After going through thousands of dovetail jig reviews over the Internet, we have put together a practical guide, to help you buy the best dovetail jig.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying a dovetail jig

Today’s market is filled with many types of dovetail jigs, each having its own special features. Keep in mind the following factors before making a purchase:

  • Opt for a nylon spacer: Look for a dovetail jig that has a nylon spacer in it. This feature serves two functions. Firstly, it sets a uniform space between every two fingers of the piece of wood. Secondly, it snaps into the holder while routing the second board, so that the second board enters perfectly in the correct spaces of the first board.

  • Check for dust collection options: A Vacuum Router Support (VRS) connects to the vacuum and pushes dust away from the jig. It also provides extra support at the outside front edge of the jig. It captures all the waste material that the router generates.

  • Check for a smaller fixed-base router: Choose a product that has a smaller fixed-base router--it is much easier and safer to control than a larger top plunge router. It becomes useful when you cut along the jig’s front edge.

  • Check the different clamping positions: Select a dovetail jig that is capable of utilising different clamping positions, such as 1) vertically between the clamp bar and the jig body, 2) horizontally against the jig, and also 3) vertically between the front of the jig and the clamp bar. The three positions will help you in lining up the board with the correct section of the guide fingers.

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