Your Guide to Buying an Benchtop-jointers Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a benchtop jointer?

Need to straighten wood at home? Worry no more. Now you can have a sharpened benchtop jointer that can flatten the face of a curved or twisted piece of lumber. You can buy the best bench top jointers from various e-commerce sites. However, since there is a wealth of information available, here is a short guide to help you decide.

Important Features

What should you consider when buying a bench top jointer?

Although the market displays various types of bench top jointers, the ideal choice involves considering all the below factors:

  • Dust collection: When choosing a bench top jointer, look for models that have dust collecting capacity within it. You will come across many types of benchtop jointers which do not have a built-in dust collector. Choose wisely by insisting on a model with this feature.

  • Portable: The portability of a bench top jointer is also a great convenience. The more portable the jointer, the easier for you to carry it from one place to another.

  • Accuracy: Cutting is an important part of the whole process of woodin the marketworking. Combination bench top jointers that have a high cutting efficiency and an accurate fence (the part against which you place the board) will be worth more. And a bench top jointer with an adjustable fence angle will be easier to handle.

  • Power Usage: A spiral cutting edge is a thing to look out for in a bench top jointer. It consumes less power and is easy to use when it comes to changing the blades. Benchtop jointers are mainly used at home. Thus, a machine requiring a power supply of 120 or 220 volts should be considered.

  • Shape: The size of the cutter head knives, the type of the cutter head itself, and cutting depth are also to be considered while making a purchase--depending on your exact requirements.

Look at the features, go through top-rated bench top jointer reviews, and choose the best one that suits your needs and budget requirements.

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