Your Guide to Buying an Back Scratchers Eric Hewitt

Why should you buy a back scratcher?

One of the best feelings of the world is probably when you get rid of that nagging itch on that unreachable portion/sweat spot on your back with the help of a back scratcher. These useful slender, long, rod-shaped tools have a rake-like design (which loosely resembles a human hand) on one end, and a knob for holding it on the other end. Some are shaped like claws or hooves and have long retractable ends, which allow the users to have a longer reach. As the market is full of varied products, it becomes difficult to choose. To help you buy the best back scratcher, we have put together a guide, after having conducted thorough research of customers' reviews.

Types of Back Scratchers

Types of back scratchers

There are various types of back scratchers depending on the design and the material that is used. They can be made from hardwood, plastic, or even stainless steel. The wooden and stainless steel ones are known to be durable and reliable. Some of the manufacturers also sell bamboo back scratchers: they are less expensive than the other alternatives and are great for personal use.

Telescopic back scratchers, as the name suggests, can be extended when you want to use them, and then you can collapse them afterwards for compact storage. You ideally should extend them to their full length when you use them for best results--they can reach areas of your back which are hard to reach with bare hands.

The bear claw back scratcher is designed like a bear’s paw, and can be quite effective on a nagging itch. Some come combined with a telescopic handle, which allows you to reach sweaty areas further down your back.

What Reviewers Say

What do the users have to say?

After going through thousands of back scratcher reviews, we have come across three things that feature as the topmost priority for buyers who are looking to make a good purchase.

  • Sturdy grip handle: Often simple things like the design of a handle can make a big difference in a back scratcher. A proper handle with a sturdy grip is essential for applying downward pressure. Look for an integrated product in one piece, with no parts that can either break off or get stuck.

  • Attractive design: For a back scratcher, functionality is of supreme importance; but appearance matters! Take a look at the available products in the market and select something with a sober design.

  • Durability: Resist the temptation of fake or inexpensive counterfeits; instead choose a back scratcher made with wood, bamboo, cane, or stainless steel, which will be durable and strong.

  • Can it scratch through clothing: When it comes to a back scratcher, think about the ‘scratchability’ factor: Is it substantial enough to scratch through lighter layers of clothing? Some may be quite effective on bare skin, but can they be used on clothes as well? Check if the back scratcher can provide you relief even then you're fully clothed.

Important Features

What to consider when buying a back scratcher

  • Look at specifications: A back scratcher should be long enough to reach every spot on your back, without requiring you to stretch your wrist or elbow, or putting your shoulders in an uncomfortable position. For most adult users, a back scratcher with a length of 17 to 22 inches should be sufficient. It should be wide enough to maintain contact with your back, and not roll away after having made contact. The edge should have significant height so that the user does not have to strain their shoulders or muscles to reach the point that they want to scratch.

  • Think about the construction: A one-piece construction with the back scratcher edge tightly fitted to the shaft is a good design. You should never buy back scratchers where the scratcher edge is glued to the shaft--once it comes in contact with the skin and pressure is applied, it can break or come loose.

  • Know the right price: Once you buy a back scratcher, it should last you a lifetime. Instead of looking for inexpensive ones, it is better to go for high-end custom designs, which will be durable and useful.

Top-Rated Brands

Which are the best brands?

Wovte: This brand is known to produce some of the best back scratchers. One of their latest creations, the bear claw black telescopic back scratcher, is made of stainless steel. This will not bend or rust over the years. The handle is super soft, fits perfectly in your hands, and can stretch so that it can reach the not-so-easy-to-reach areas.

BackRake: One of their revolutionary back scratchers, made from US oak and walnut, has been touted as “the world’s best back scratcher’ by many users. The non-toxic oil finish makes it super-smooth to use on bare skin. There are four different scratching surfaces, which makes them perfect for people suffering from joint and shoulder pain.


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