Your Buying Guide for the Best Adult Tricycles

Important Features

What Makes the Best Adult Tricycles?

Wide Handle Bar

The ability to provide balance is what makes a tricycle different from a regular bike. Trikes provide the balance through the two rear wheels and a wide bar handle. A narrow handlebar increases speed but reduces stability. On the other hand, a wide handlebar reduces speed but keeps you stable, which is the point of having a tricycle.


A good tricycle should support your weight and last for a long time. The frames should be made of metal, preferably a material that does not rust.  Depending on the bike’s uses, you might also want to check a metal-based basket. Most pedals are made of plastic or rubber.

The latter provides better grip and lasts longer. In addition to the chain and gear system, a good tricycle should have quality-wheels. You definitely wouldn’t enjoy a trip to the bike mechanic due to tires that keep busting.

Lumbar Support

If you are buying a tricycle for health reasons, lumbar support is compulsory. Most bicycles have a small seat designed for people with no back problems. But if you have back problems, the ability to ride a bike with your back support makes the experience.


Tricycles can be prohibitively expensive. But you can also get a quality, affordable trike. A typical 3 wheeled bike has a price of $300, but you can pay more or less depending on uniqueness. If you want the metal basket for your trip to the groceries, be prepared to pay extra. Trikes meant for the beach also tend to be expensive due to the wide wheels.

Top-Rated Brands

Best Adult Tricycle Brands 2018

Dirty King

Dirty King specializes in kid tricycles but also makes 3 wheels for adults. Their list of bikes have pedals attached to the front wheel. Their bikes have tall handlebars and double rear wheels. King's bikes provide stability and durability while also retaining a unique design.

Schwinn Meridian Tricycles

Meridian sells generic electronic accessories, oils, gloves, clothes and almost everything else. The large manufacturer offers several adult tricycles, the most popular one being the Schwinn men/women trike. The bike features a basket and wheels that cruises on beach soil.


Popsport's adult tricycles are designed for exercising and grocery shopping. The American manufacturer is best rated for stylish designs, durability, and stability. The company's bikes are also inexpensive, providing great value for money.


A tricycle offers stability to cyclers who can't ride 2 wheeled bikes for many reasons. They are easier to ride and may offer better cardio results without causing unnecessary body strain. If you decide to purchase a trike, don’t assume all of them are quality made. The best tricycles come from the big brands. They may cost a little bit more than generic bikes but last longer and provide better value.

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